Saturday, April 26, 2014

Setting in Decorative Plaster Products for Fabulous Walls

Plastered walls are considered to be the latest style in today’s time. They are all the rage and you see them in the form of Venetian plaster finishes in magazines or even for that matter on home decorating shows. They give a complete transformation to the look of your room walls. It is not only easy to do but the activity is also very interesting. The best part in enhancing the look of your walls with decorative plaster products is that it can be done by all age groups. Teenagers love such kind of fun activities.

What to do?

Spread out joint compound on the entire wall. Smoothen it to get the required texture. Now is the time for you to use decorative plaster products. These products include bears, mirrors, broken glass, left over tiles or anything that you can find. Remember to put it in wet plaster and let the wall dry.

What items to use and where to find them?

Jewelry findings are items that you could consider. Purchase these online on auction websites or take a look at the local craft store. Tiny glass tiles can also give fabulous results. The list of items that you can use is endless. You will be able to find lots of small things in your house too. Any small embellishment is just perfect. You could also use old buttons if you’d like.

Where to create walls with decorative plaster products?

This new plaster craze can be aptly tried in bathrooms and kitchens. Use it behind the sink as a backsplash treatment. Remember to seal with an agent that will protect against moisture.

What patterns to create?

Use small embellishments to create patterns of scrolls. You could also create diamonds, triangles, circles or squares. The pattern style is entirely dependent on you and the area in which you are going to create the decorative walls.

Finishing the process

After the plaster is dry, wipe off excess joint compound residue around the embedded items using a damp cloth. Some people like to give it a finished look with paint. Apply some mineral oil or baby oil to the items after the plaster is dry so that paint does not stick on to them. Do not apply the oil before embedding them into the plaster surface as this will lessen their power to adhere and you may end up losing the items at a later date.

Purchasing decorative plaster products

You also have the option of purchasing decorative plaster products from manufacturers. There are several manufacturers who have the required expertise in this field and can give you readymade plaster products. The designs can be used invariably for home, business, residential or commercial purposes. These products can be picked off a store and put in at home at the required places.

These products and architectural moldings are created using fiberglass and silicone rubber molds. They are handcrafted using high-quality, original reinforced plaster. It is important to purchase designs that show detail and are exceptionally beautiful. You don’t want to compromise with the quality since you will be paying an amount for what you buy and you will be using it at home for the purpose of beautifying walls. Architects and designers also suggest the usage of these pieces.


There is a range of plaster products and depending on what you buy, you will find an area in your house where it can be embellished. You could purchase architectural columns, decorative plaster ceilings, ceiling panels, acoustic panels, plaster fireplaces and much more.

Plaster is capable of being shaped like anything and that is what it makes it perfectly apt for any corner of your home.

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