Friday, December 26, 2014

Important Aspect of CCTV Cameras

Choosing the right CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) camera can be a daunting task as there are many cameras available in the market which guarantees 100% high quality and performance. The problem here is how to find the one that is best suited for you? Here we are going to discuss about various types of CCTV cameras along with the benefits that are associated with them. This will help you in understanding more about such type of cameras, along with that it will even allow you to decide on the one that you always wanted to use for the security of your home and office.
The important things that one should check before purchasing any CCTV camera is the type of output that is utilized by the camera as its source of energy, minimum illumination, placement or location, video resolution and control mechanism. These things will help the buyers in differentiating different types of cameras and go for the one that match their needs.
Digital or Analog Signal:  Now, the output signal is basically a video signal that is sent by the display monitor or camera in the form of either Digital or Analog Signal. The difference between analog and digital signal is that in analog signal the CCTV is going to send a continuous transmission of videos through Coaxial cable, many cameras till date are equipped with Analog signal output, however the Digital Signal output is even growing popular these days. In Digital signal output the transmission of the videos is done in a discrete format and is always carried through twisted wire cable, and it even has internet protocols so that they saved videos can be stored in a cloud server at a defined IP address. Hence, these forms of CCTV cameras are even known as IP cameras or Network Cameras. 

Difference in Placement Location              

On the basis of placement location of the CCTV camera the camera can be divided into two types on is the indoor camera and the other is the outdoor camera. Both the cameras have their own set of benefits.
  • Outdoor cameras are often placed outside of a particular building or house. These cameras are exposed to the harsh climatic changes of the environment and hence often hold protective coats to sustain from temperature, wind, moisture and humidity too. These cameras even have infrared vision so that each and every detail can be envisioned without any complication
  • Indoor cameras are always placed inside the building or house. These cameras are always installed on the ceiling or the interior walls. They have a standard box type camera and this camera is always connected with a device through cabled or wireless connections so that the streaming videos can be sent to the connected devices.   

Distinct illumination capacity of CCTV cameras

Proper illumination or light is quite important for CCTV cameras as this will help them in capturing the videos with optimal efficiency. Hence, before placing a CCTV camera almost anywhere you must take care of the sensitivity of light at that particular place and then install the camera. Most of the cameras are equipped with self illumination so that they can take videos in a clear way, but these cameras are a bit expensive compared to other forms of camera that need perfect light for recording clear videos without any blur images.

Perfected Control Mechanism of CCTV Cameras

A perfect control mechanism of CCTV camera helps the user in fixing appropriate angle and focus of the camera. This increases the efficiency of the camera, and allows it to capture each and every object that comes in the specified angle and focus. They even have a fixed focus system where, the focus of the camera needs to be fixed manually, here you can take help from a professional to attain the right angle and focus that you need.
This blog help you to learn about all the aspect of CCTV cameras. Let’s go to the details to get few more useful information.