Sunday, January 29, 2017

Different Types of Accessories Found at Bathroom Shops!


Bathroom Shops

Bathroom is known to be one of the most important spaces of the home. Today, bathrooms are given as much importance as the other rooms of the house. In the past, it was one of the most neglected spaces in the house. Usually, people just concentrate on the bedroom and living room. The thinking of the people has changed and now it is high on the priority list.

Usually, the bathroom space is not very big but it surely needs to be designed efficiently. The bathroom design depends on a number of aspects and one of the most important is the types of bathroom accessories. In the initial stage, the types of accessories for the bathroom are overlooked and this is something that you should not do. Making the bathroom look good as well as making it functional is very important for you. For this purpose, the bathroom accessories play a very important role. You can buy these from the bathroom shops.

Types of Bathroom Accessories


Bathroom Accessories

  • Wash basin: A wash basin is a fixture used to wash your hands easily. This fixture is available in a number of materials like ceramic, steel, plastic, stainless steel, stone, marble etc. there are a number of typical accessories that are found at the sink and below mentioned are those:
  • Taps: Most wash basins have taps having hot as well as cold water supply. These can be installed on the basin or the wall as you want it.
  • Shelf: This is an optional accessory but most people consider installing to keep all important things such as toothbrush, toothpaste, razor etc inside it.
  • Mirror: The mirror needs to be installed above the wash basin. It should be at such a height that you can see yourself till the shoulder properly.
  • Napkin bar: The towel bar is usually placed at either side of the basin. In case there are children at home, placing it lower is a good idea so that it is comfortable for the children as well.
  • WC: There are a number of kinds of toilets available in the market such as Anglo-Indian, squat and western. These are the common types and you will be easily able to find these at the bathroom supplies.

There are a number of accessories found around the WC and below mentioned are those:

  • Jet spray: Usually, it is placed on the right of the toilet. It is installed at a height that is comfortable to pick from while sitting on the seat.
  • Tissue holder: It should be installed on either side of the toilet on the wall. It should be installed at a height where the user can comfortably take the tissues.
  • Shower cubicle: There are a number of styles available at the bathroom shops. Below mentioned are the standard fixtures found around the shower bath apart from the shower nozzle:
  • Shower controls and soap holder: These are the controls for hot and cold water. The soap holder is usually located on either side of the wall. It is the perfect place to keep your soap as you would certainly not want to drop it.
  • Shower curtain and ventilator: These are used in the bathroom to separate the toilet and the shower cubicle.  The ventilator is used to remove the steam from the bathroom. You can find these easily at the bathroom shops.

When you are looking out for the accessories at the bathroom shops, do not forget to consider the comfort. Make certain that you do not just go with the looks of the accessory. Above mentioned are the bathroom accessories that you will find at the bathroom shops: