Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Ultrasound Machines: How to Purchase The Right Model?

In the arena of medical equipments and machines, there are plenty of options to select from. Ultrasound machines have become an integral part of most clinics, especially those offering multispecialty facilities. An ultrasound machine is a device that possesses the capability of scanning internal organs to help locate an abnormality or confirm the normal appearance of the soft tissues in a particular area. Ultrasound is most widely used in the Gynecology and Obstetrics departments for obstetrics or OB patient. Ultrasound machines are also used to scan the kidneys, liver, heart, as well as blood supply to the legs and arms. An ultrasound scan is also used to scan the brain of infants. With the passage of time, the ultrasound machines have advanced a lot, in terms of features. A decade ago, the size of these machines used to be quite a large. Nowadays, advancement in technology has reduced the size of these machines to a great extent.

Ultrasound Machine
Ultrasound Machines

Portable size of these machines has made them mobile as well. You can carry them anywhere without causing any damage to any parts. No doubt, there are innumerable brands available in the market when it comes to purchasing an ultrasound machine. Each brand makes tall claims about the features and accuracy of its machine. In such a scenario, it can get a little difficult for a buyer to make the right choice. So, let us help you out by offering some tips regarding how to purchase the right ultrasound machine.

Tips you need to follow to buy an ultrasound machine

  • Stationary or mobile: As mentioned above, nowadays one can purchase a portable ultrasound machine. However, even a stationary or big size machine can deliver fine performance; in fact, often even better. Choice must be made depending on your requirements like the type of scanning you intend to do, in which department you plan to install, whether you would need a machine that is portable, etc. if your medical facility has enough space and you do not want to shift your OB department to anywhere else then it is better to go for a stationary ultrasound machine. In the case of portable machines, just one transducer can be attached at a time. So, the features are limited here. In addition, the lack of dedicated options in portable machines could create inconvenience in certain operations. So one must have a detailed study of the features of each machine and select one that has all the options that the intended department would need.
  • Warranty period: Like every other medical device, an ultrasound machine is also a sophisticated unit. These machines require regular maintenance, and only well-trained professionals can carry out the maintenance process. So, when you purchase an ultrasound machine, make sure the company offers at least three service agreement for free. Your compliance with the terms of warranty and service agreement is absolutely necessary in this regard. Hence, before you sign the papers, make sure the machine and its vital components are well covered under the warranty period.
  • Training: The features and performance of ultrasound machines vary from brand to brand. Even though the basic function remains the same, their utility varies. So, when you buy an ultrasound machine, you need to make sure that your medical staffs have been briefed about its operation and is comfortable with the operation of the new machine. In case they are not, it is vital to ensure the supplier is ready to send a tech guy to offer a training session for the same. Training should be about offering knowledge about the various buttons, and how to use the sophisticated features of the machine.
  • Price: Once you have shortlisted three or four models, it is the time to compare the prices. During price comparison, you should also take into account the replacement cost. In the case of some machines, the replacement part may cost too high. As a result, if you buy them, you may end up spending a lot of money in the long run.

Ultrasound MachinesUltrasound Machine

So, those were some of the vital tips you can keep in your mind when purchasing an ultrasound machine.