Friday, April 11, 2014

Advantage and Disadvantages of CNC Machining and how the system works

What is CNC machining?

CNC machining is used in the manufacturing sector. The process involves the use of computers which work so as to control the machine tools. There are various tools that can be controlled with the help of this system; among which some of them are:
  • Mills
  • Routers
  • Grinders
  • Lathes, etc.
The full form of CNC is basically Computer Numerical Control which very particularly points at the involvement of computers in controlling machine tools. Initially it may seem like a regular functioning PC; however, it is a unique and well- developed software that is used to control machine tools.

Here, the machine tools work through the numerical control, as mentioned above. Again, the computer software or rather program that is employed is customized for an object and then the machines are programmed accordingly with the Computer Numerical Control language. This is often referred to as the G- code.

Now this particular code is used to operate the features which include feed rate; coordination, speed as well as location. This particular procedure also helps the computer control the exact position as well as the velocity.

Interesting information about how it works

The process is a very precise and works way better than the manual procedure. Unlike the manual procedure, it can produce any kinds of shapes including really complicated ones, especially 3D ones. They can keep repeating a particular system over and over again to be precise. This pattern is also used so as to manufacture metal as well as plastic parts. This structure works in the following ways:
  • To start with, a CAD drawing is done.
  • Secondly, a code is prepared or rather created that will be followed by the CNC machine.
  • The code is then loaded and then tests are conducted to check whether everything is working fine.
  • After the trial run, the procedure actually takes place. This trial run is crucial as any mistake can lead to huge losses and damage.

Advantages of the CNC system

There are various advantages of using these machines. Some of them are explicated as below:
  • These have very good work tenacity. The machine can be used constantly for 24 hours a day, all throughout the year with very little maintenance and it is only then that they require a switch off.
  • The CNC machine can work repeatedly, producing the exact same result. Hence, the way the machines are programmed helps them manufacture thousands of times.
  • Anybody can operate these unlike the manual milling or grinders machines which require trained as well as skilled engineers.
  • You can easily improve the software and update the machine.
  • The software is very similar to that of a computer game. Hence, one can easily train oneself through the use of so called ‘virtual software’.
  • A lot of products can’t be manufactured with the help of manual machines. However, these machines are programmed using very advanced design software which makes it possible to manufacture such products very easily.
  • It also helps cut down on a lot of employees as only one person can supervise several machines. Once programmed, they can work all by themselves. The cutting tools however may require occasional replacement.
  • It helps save a lot of time and money.
  • As mentioned above, the highly developed CNC machine can keep repeating their manufacture and all the products will be exactly the same unlike manual manufacture where a lot of products may be manufactured but there will remain a slight difference between each.

Disadvantages of the CNC machines

Along with the positive factors, there are negatives some too. Some of them are:
  • The CNC machine can be very expensive, especially when compared to that of the manually operated machines. However, the costs are being worked upon to be reduced.
  • As the procedure does not require skilled engineers, their skills are being completely wasted. The years of training and education is being neglected. Again, as only minimum people are required for the supervision, jobs are being cut down which leads to a lot of unemployment.
It has its advantages and disadvantages; however, all the above mentioned details will surely help you understand their services and job. Click here to get more information.