Saturday, April 12, 2014

Various Types of Fireplace Stones and Their Advantages

With many options available for fireplaces, the stones play vital role in bringing a unique appearance to the home. The stones are very durable to be placed for fireplace, besides which it gives a more natural look. It can be integrated into a home with seamless benefits, especially when the home is already themed with stone decors. The stone fireplaces are always within the style statement, although many other new trendy designs and choices have come forth. Using different types of stones gives varying and unique designs with different degrees. It becomes essential to know about the types of stones available for fireplace, before selecting.

Advantages of stone fireplace:
  • Stones make the fireplace more traditional and trendy
  • It gives gigantic look, when large stones are used up to the chimney or ceiling level
  • It may also look fragile with craving white stones surrounding the fireplace
  • It can fit in any styles and fashion of interior d├ęcor
  • It brings natural texture and natural color into the room
Types of Fireplace Stones:

The stones of fire place come in different types, shapes and sizes. Stones can make the fireplace look both traditional and modern; however, it depends on the design and theme chosen. There are many types of stones used for fireplaces and here follow a few:

Natural stones: This can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes. It gives resistance to heat and smoke. They are very durable. The natural stones comprise many types including onyx, granite, marble, slate and soapstone. The natural stones are very attractive; however, they are expensive too. The natural stone fireplaces are installed using masonry brick that can support the weight.
  • Granite: This is the most versatile type of natural stone used for counters, fireplace and flooring. This is the popular choice for its amazing durability and scratch resistant finish. It also has a high heat tolerance tendency. Moreover the surface is non-staining.
  • Marble and Onyx: These are the unique choices for the fireplace. These stones vary in composition. It gives a formal look to the interior. However, these stones are susceptible to scratches and may break easily. These stones are available in many colors. Marble is further classified into various types such as white statuary marble, green marble, rose marble, Italian marble and more. 
  • Slate and Soapstone: These stones are chemical resistant. They are processed into thin, but durable sheets that make installation easier. Soapstone has been used for many years for hearths and fireplaces for its amazing heat resistant feature.
  • Rugged Stone: This stone is thick with rough surface and irregular edges. The stonework may require a solid foundation to support the fireplace.
  • Limestone and travertine: These are the other types of stones used for fireplace construction. Travertine is the limestone and its pores are filled with calcium carbonate.
There is also river stone that really pops out. This stone comes in varieties of colors.

The cost of fireplace stones depends on the type chosen. With varieties of choices available, cost is one of the most deciding factors about which type to be chosen.

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