Thursday, June 25, 2015

Guide to Install Shower Screens Easily and Quickly Of Your Bathroom

Shower screens are the most vital elements of your bathroom décor. They need to be efficient, functional and stunning as well. These screens create more space or an illusion of space in your bathroom and their innovative style add a chic look to your bathroom for sure. The trend of fitting the shower screens has tremendously increased these days. This is because of having a separate bathtub and shower stall is much more convenient and pleasing, however many homes and apartments do not have enough space for both.

The simple solution for this is to have a shower installed over the bath. You would then need to erect bath shower screen over the bathtub’s edge. Typically there are two sorts of shower screens, flexible and fixed. You can choose the particular type based on your desire.

Guide on fitting shower screen

If you desire to install shower screen on your own, then it is indeed imperative to follow the correct procedures for installation. Fixing shower screen can be easily completed within few hours. Here are vital steps that you need to follow.

  1. Prepare the bathroom walls properly in order to fit the screen. You need to verify the position of wiring, plumbing, and rivet locations on the specific wall where you want to apply the screen.
  2. For flexible seals, first you need to place them in the hot bath water tub until it is supple. Gently take out the seal and inveigle onto the shower screen’s bottom and top.
  3. For rigid seals, slightly slide the plastic seal alongside the lower and upper edge of the shower screen and appropriately trim it in order to rightly fit it. You can do this with the aid of hacksaw.
  4. In case there are no hinges mounted to the screen then it is vital to clip the seals. Remember to place the clips from top to bottom.
  5. In order to mark the wall fixings position you need to hold the shower screen above the bath. Visibly mark onto the wall where the hinges tend to sit alongside the wall.
  6. In this phase, you need to insert the wall plugs. Simply drill holes using an electric drill into the tile or the wall and then properly insert the wall plugs.
  7. Holding the shower screen in the desired place, insert the rivets and tighten. It is better to attach the top rivets first so that the screen can hang.
  8. Bear in mind, the hinges will tend to swing only in one way, and so it is important to check and verify whether the shower screen is appropriately installed.

Things to consider

  • The important thing that you need to do is to check the space of the door. This is because before installing the shower screen you need to have an exact idea about the space that you will need.
  • Floor space plays a crucial role in identifying the shower screen door. You can opt for doors that open on both sides, in case your bathroom has abundant door space.
  • For bathrooms with minimal space, unobtrusive sliding doors are the best options.
  •  Another vital thing to consider is of course the size of your overall bathroom.

Installing a shower screen can display a stylish bathroom. These screens are usually made of glass and are transparent. Shower screens are smartly designed in order to enhance the beauty of the bathroom but the proper installation is the most important point in this regard.