Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Guide to Buy a Timber Pendant Lights for Your Home

Modern day interior designing done with pendant lights can make you home appealing. Such classic style lights are available in several materials among which wood is a popular choice. You can also find them in materials like glass, plastic, cloth, metal, etc. These lights are moreover used in cafes and restaurants in order to create good ambiance. Timber pendant lights are very popular among homeowners. Stair walls, dining table, kitchen benches, study table, etc. are some of the places where you can place timber pendant lights.

Wood timbers are used in handcrafted pendant light and this gives lavish look to the space. You can also ask for customized lighting fixtures to meet your requirement as per interior design of the room. Some of such lights can be easily installed by hanging it in a ceiling roof.

Look online

Look out for several suppliers that can manage creating amazing designs when it comes to timber pendant lights. If you are looking for online supplier then it is important to check diameter and height of the lamp. Inquire whether you will require lamp holder. Search for the light that is good in terms of quality. Online sources will help you buy such hanging lights at best possible rates. If you are looking forward for home improvement project but have limited budget then first consider replacing old light fixtures. It can be done even with minimum budget. Timber pendant lights available in market can prove to be perfect to start with home improvement project.

Select from wide variety

Such lights are available in several colors, styles and shapes. You can easily hang them from the ceiling by using cord or chain. You can hang solo light from ceiling or you can create some pattern or row of lights together and then hang them. When it comes to lighting you can use energy saving halogen or fluorescent bulbs.

Do you know that lighting defines character of room? If you bring in changes in lighting then it will transform the overall appearance of the room. Such transformation is possible when you buy correct pendant light for your room:

Select right style of light

It is daunting task to select right style of light because of the wide range of variety available in market. If you find out that the available styles does not match with your interior perfectly then get the pendant light customized.

Select right size of light

Are you aware of the fact that such lights are available in small and large size? Timber pendant lights can be found in tiny cup size shape to big ball size shape. Small lights are used when there is a need to create a row of pendant lights. This can be done when there is need of high illumination. On the other hand large pendant lights are not combined with other lights. This is mainly because large pendant lights are added to enhance appearance of the space. Such lights are proper replacement to chandeliers.

Select right installation method

Installing Timber pendant light is not heavy task. You don’t have to get in to deep electrical work and you can get it done in minimum time span. Main problem people face while installing such lights is the messy extension cord. Don’t use short chords because it will take away the style and dramatic look from the light. Length of cord varies depending on style of pendant light created using wood. Select cord length which will be at least two feet below the ceiling. If you are installing it above dining table then see to it that it is installed at right height so that no one bangs over it while standing.

Say no to messy cords and adopt right installation method to enhance usage value of the light with its appearance. If you would like to know more about timber pendant light then go through this link.