Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Social Netball League: Join and Play This Game for Fun, Fitness and Friends

Netball is one of the most popular games in the world. Every year this game is been organized in more than 80 countries across the globe. Social Netball League is played in different countries where millions of people participate in matches throughout the year. Around 20 million people play this game, representing their respective teams. There are clubs and organizations through which you can join the team or form your own team to join the leagues. This is a popular game in the western countries where people love to play this game on weekends, and they spend their time for staying healthy and fit.

Social Netball League

Netball is one of the most popular games in the world. It is not really an indoor or an outdoor game as you can play this game anywhere. Mostly this game is being played in closed area. Netball needs two teams to play against each other. Each team consists of 7 team members. Netball is one such game where each team can have either all girls or all boys or can be mixed team.

Social Netball League: Things to Know About the Game

  • In Netball, there are two goal lines in each of the sides of the field. There are two goal posts in the middle each sides of the teams.
  • Here in this game, as mentioned it is an indoor game, the field is made of wood. If there is no wooden base then one has to make sure that the field they are playing on is strong enough.
  • The match is held between two teams. Each team has to have 7 members.
  • Originally the game started and declared as all women’s game. However, there are few men’s team as well. But mostly it is globally known as women’s game.
  • The match duration is 60 minutes. It is an hourly game that also has extra time. Like other games such as basketball, football and such this social netball league too has extra time as well.

Rules and Regulations of Playing Netball:

Social Netball
Social Netball
  • The main aim of the game is to score goals as much as one team can. It is quite similar to the game basketball. In basketball with each basket a team scores a point. Similarly, in netball with each goal the respective team scores points.
  • There are certain positions that are to be maintained in this game. In social netball league, each player is assigned a position on the court. The concerning player cannot move beyond that premises of position. This is the biggest restriction in social netball league.
  • There are two attackers and two defenders in each team. Attackers will try to attack whereas defenders of the opposite team will try to stop the attackers. Other players hold other positions on the field.
  • According to the rule of the game, each player can hold the ball not more than 3 – 4 seconds, precisely 3 seconds. In every 3 seconds, the player has to pass the ball to her fellow player.
Throughout last several years this game is been played in many countries. As mentioned more than 80 countries have this game in their sports’ list, there are millions of people who have participated as well. Places like London, Manchester, Dubai, Australia, Auckland and so many other places have already hosted the league. There are also a series of coaching classes where players teach the beginners how to play netball. People can also join as an audience to watch these games. Now people get involved with various sports activity for their fitness regimens, and netball is an excellent option for all who are fitness freaks.