Friday, December 8, 2017

Necessity of Transmission Fluid Service for the Best Maintenance of Cars

The transmission fluid acts as the automatic cleanser of several parts in the car engine. So, it is essential to keep this fluid in the best condition all the time and may be replaced whenever required. The transmission fluid servicing is important to keep the car moving smoothly without causing any glitch. However, the car owner needs to understand when to replace this transmission fluid. It is easy to do by following a few instructions.


Transmission Fluid Service

How to Identify the Necessity of Transmission Fluid Servicing

  • Coverage of long distances – Generally, it is mentioned in all the car manuals to replace the transmission fluid after the cars run a maximum distance of 60,000 miles. However, the transmission fluid servicing may be required earlier than expected, due to the extra pressure exerted on the transmission while driving. Too frequent changes of the gear or driving for too long at a stretch can be harmful for the transmission fluid.
  • Emitting strange noises – If loud crackling sounds are emitted from the transmission of the car, it means the transmission fluid requires replacement immediately along with thorough cleansing of the transmission.
  • Abnormal speed of gear shifting – When the driver wants to change the gear while driving, it shifts either too slowly or unexpectedly faster. Thus, the malfunctioning of the transmission is evident in this state, which means the professional servicing is required.
  • Slipping of the gear – The gear of the car may start slipping while trying to change, if the residual deposition of transmission fluid is more and needs replacement immediately to avoid accidents.
  • Jumping of the car – The car may jump up unexpectedly while moving forward or may lag behind even while driving forward without any visible reason, indicating serious malfunctioning of the transmission. Thus, this indicates immediate transmission fluid service is on the cards, to get the car in right condition again.
  • Unexpected brief stoppage – The car may stop suddenly for a few seconds whenever the driver wants to change the gear while driving. The dirty transmission fluid causes this error and its solid deposits, which can be fixed only by cleaning and replacement of the dirty fluid.
  • Adverse weather condition – The fast driving of the car in cold weather conditions may result in quicker necessity of the transmission fluid. Actually, more pressure needs to be exerted for the change of the gears, due to the thickening of this transmission fluid in winters.

Transmission Fluid Services

How to Check the Condition of Transmission Fluids in Cars 

The car owners need to check the condition of the transmission fluids, before the cars’ malfunctioning, to avoid any accident while driving. Few simple steps can help them in identifying the state of liquids in transmission tanks.

  • The car engine is turned on and the car is driven for a few minutes to warm up the transmission fluid. This fluid can be best checked only in warm state.
  • Next, take a dipstick and wrap it with a clean rag to test the condition of the transmission fluid and its level inside the tank.
  • Put down dipstick into the transmission. When there is no brown mark on this cloth, the fluid is considered clean. More fluid can be simply added to this clean transmission, if the fluid level is found to be lower than needed. However, take care and do not overflow the tank in any condition.
  • If the transmission fluid smells to be burnt or found to be dark coloured on the dipped rag, then it should be totally replaced by the expert professionals.

The regular care of the transmission fluid can ensure smooth driving of the car without causing any accident and longevity of the car.