Friday, December 22, 2017

Why Would You Need Roadworthy Certificate for Your Car?

If you want to sell your car, then you need a roadworthy certificate because this certificate will prove that your car is in a good condition. It proves that the buyer can use your car without any trouble. This certificate implies the safety features of your car and this has nothing to do with your car repairing. So, when you apply for the roadworthy certificate, you must read the terms and conditions of the certificate, as it does not mean any repairing and modification works.

Even many state authorities have recently implemented a new road safety rule that every car owner needs to carry a valid roadworthy certificate, because of this certificate, the traffic police will be in a position to understand the condition of the car.

Only licensed professional shave authority to inspect your car body parts along with the brake system, engine, coolant, and ignition system before issuing the certificate. They will thoroughly check and ensure that the car is safe for the passengers. If you need certificate, then you must contact authorized car repairing center who is responsible to issue this certificate upon thorough checking.

Roadworthy Certificate

Things to know about Roadworthy Certificate:

  • The car mechanic will check overall performance level of your car and for that, he can check several parts of the car including suspension, transmission, steering, car body, windows, windshield, brake system, and engine.
  • However, a roadworthy certificate does not state the fitness of the car, it only state that your car is safe, and it can bear the minimal safety requirements. Apart from that, a roadworthy certificate does not provide any guaranty on the future functioning of the car and this certificate is valid for few months only.
  • You need to know that roadworthy certificate only ensures the safety features and standard of your car. So, if any car mechanic tells you that their certificate indicates the fitness of your car, then do not believe them. Try to choose the best and certified car mechanic or repairing station that can provide you with the genuine roadworthy certificate.
  • Lastly, if your car fails to obtain the certificate at first visit, then the inspector will provide you second chance. In the meanwhile, you have to get repair the damaged spare parts within seven to fifteen days before the second round of checking. However, if you lost the second chance, then you cannot be able to apply for the certificate for next six months.
Roadworthy Certificate for Car
Roadworthy Certificate for Car

How would you avail the Roadworthy Certificate?

It is simple to apply for the roadworthy certificate. You need to search the certified authorized center for issuing roadworthy certificate and book for an online appointment on their official website. However, it is suggested to check their price for issuing the certificate because it varies from place to place.

You need to reach the service center on the scheduled date and they will check the basic safety features of your car and will issue the certificate afterward. They may take one to two days for issuing certificate. You need to submit your car registration papers, identity proof, and requisite fees to get this certificate. To know more about this process, you can search the authorized service center.

If you want to buy a resale car or if you want to sell your old car, then you need to submit your roadworthy certificate first. For the both process (buying and selling of car), you need to change the car ownership name and the authority will check the roadworthiness of your car, only then they will provide you with the clearance certificate. Moreover, this certificate is a legal document, which is required for car registration.