Thursday, October 25, 2018

A Complete Guide To Roofing

Roofing essentially refers to the materials used in constructing a commercial building. A roof acts as an envelope for the house. Roofing provides the very first layer to a building and shields it from all kind of adversities, primarily extreme weather conditions. If you are thinking for roofing your home then you should install asphalt roofing because it is highly durable, easy to maintain and cost-effective. You should contact certified roofing contractors who can do roofing work. The different types of roofing are listed below:

Types Of Roofing:


1. Solar shingles:
Solar tiles, also known as photovoltaic shingles, are basically just solar panels which are designed to perform as roofing material. The solar palates actively convert sunlight to solar energy, thus reducing electricity bills. They are usually a saver at apartments which do not allow solar panels. However, these tiles come costly.
2. Asphalt shingles:
These are the most commonly used shingles for roofing. Asphalt is waterproof and reflects heat. Therefore, it is suited to almost all environmental conditions. The cost of installing asphalt shingles is quite low. However, these shingles must be replaced after 20 years. Organic and Fibreglass are the two most widely known types of asphalt shingles.
3. Slate roof shingles:
Slate is derived from the metamorphosis of shale rock. Since the material used for roofing is the result of a completely natural process, it is guaranteed to be strong and long-lasting. Slate roofing can last a good hundred years. It is water and damp resistant, antifungal as well as burn proof. However, it is not very suitable for areas that experience hail as slate breaks under medium pressure.
4. Metal roofing:
Another very popular material used for roofing is metal. Metal roofing is available in slates, tiles, and shakes. Metal is water and burn proof and can easily slough away heavy rainfall and snow. It is also durable. However, metal roofing has a very high chance of denting in case of hail and can be noisy during storms.
5. Clay roofing:
Clay tiles are formed by shaping clay mixtures, drying them and then burning them on fire to strengthen them. Clay tiles are excellent when it comes to choosing materials for roofing. They can easily endure storms and withstand the damage of cyclone or tornadoes. They render an aesthetic look to the building. They are better suited to warm climates as clay has cooling properties and can render a pleasant temperature to the house.
6. Green roofing:
Green roof, also known as a living roof refers to the roof of a building which is either partially or completely covered by plants. The vegetation is planted on a waterproof membrane. Green roofing has several benefits. It purifies the air surrounding the building, acts as an insulator provides an eye soothing scenario for people around. It can last for a good 40 years. However, it requires a lot of maintenance and regular investment in terms of time.

Benefits Of Roofing:


• Protection from weather conditions:
Since the roof acts as the primary layer of protection on a building, a good roofing becomes necessary for the protection and safety of the house. A good roofing ensures that the house is protected from extreme weather conditions and is not damaged due to any kind of external turbulence.
• Best aesthetics:
A good roofing goes a long way when it comes to putting a house out for sale. An elegant roof attracts customers, which leads to a rise in the price of the house in the market. A good roof, apart from being a treat to look at, thus, increases the resale value of the house.
• Damage-proof:
Investing in good roofing ensures that there are no frequent damages seeking immediate repair. A good roof is leak proof, and hence, durable. It also ensures that electronic and other appliances inside the house, too, are free from any kind of damage.

Why is Roofing a Good Idea?

The importance of roofing, as it is the primary layer of protection on a house, cannot be overstated. Nowadays, a plethora of materials is available when it comes to roofing.
Any amount of investment in roofing will not go in vain. The roof is the first feature of a house that one looks at to judge the aesthete, as well as the physical condition of a house, for both commercial and critical purposes. Thus, a good roof is of utmost importance to a house.