Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Denture Implants: The Smarter Way to a Healthier Lifestyle

The patients that are looking for a full set of dentures but do not wish to remove them regularly can opt for non-removable denture implants. Any experienced dental physician today can help you get one of these to make your life much more comfortable. These implants are convenient to use and make it easy for you to take care of daily lifestyle tasks like eating and chit chatting without being worried about your dentures falling out of your mouth, as you speak.

What Are Fixed Denture Implants?

Denture Implants
There are multiple reasons like natural aging and dental complications because of which patients today lose most of their teeth at a young age. This includes your gum diseases and other dental complications. Traditionally, the dentures that were used commonly were placed into the mouth of the patient using some medical adhesives, but it is evident that even the best of these strategies can still fail to fix the inside movement as well looseness of dentures. These looseness and unwanted movements can cause tremendous discomfort to the patient. Thanks to the innovative technique of attaching dentures to permanent dental implants, it gives us a much safer and stronger feel and fit. The denture implants can be fixed or manually removable, which entirely depends on the patient’s condition and need.

What Are The Types?

All in all, there are two types of denture implants: The bar-retained kind and the one that is retained via a ball. Whatever be the case, these dentures will always be made using a base of acrylic that they will give a look and feel of real gums.
  • The bar-retained type – It is made using a thin metal bar followed by the curve of the jaw, which is associated with about 2 to 5 implants that are crafted in your jawbone. The clips and different types of attachments are fitted tightly to this bar and the denture.
  • The ball-retained type – Every implant that goes into the jawbone will carry a small metal attachment that will go perfectly inside another similar enclosure present in the denture. The accessories over these implants are usually shaped like a ball and it is then fit into sockets in the dentures.

What Are The Benefits Of This?

The denture implants give the patient the ability to talk, chew, and bite with full functionality. And, this all happens without having to worry about your dentures slipping or falling out creating an embarrassing moment for you. The best part of this procedure is that these can be easily cleaned similarly as the natural teeth without any requirement of the extra denture cups. So, it’s a much of a hassle-free routine. This category gives the authority and freedom to a person to have a full bunch of teeth, which feels more natural and allows a lifestyle that is without the fear of self-consciousness or unnecessary anxiety.

What Is The Process To Get These?

Denture Implants
The Denture Implants, it may take several months to place the implants and prepare the mouth for the fixed dentures. The dental team will start by screwing screws that are made of biocompatible titanium inside your jawbone, which will take about 2-3 months for the jawbone to stick and form a sturdy and stable connection for your dentures. These implants, once set, the dentures are permanently screwed onto the implants for a perfect snug fit.

Should You Go For Upper Or Lower Jaw?

These types of dentures are usually built for the lower jaw section, as the regular dentures often lack stability over there. Generally, the standard denture is forced to fit in an upper jaw and can be stable itself. Hence, there is no need to go for denture implants. Of course, you can get an implant-supported denture in both upper and lower jaw too. It ultimately is your call based on your dental condition and comfort level.


To cut the long story short, denture implants are one of the most advanced and reliable options that you have today. So, take your time, think wisely, and choose the best one.