Friday, November 23, 2018

Benefits and Application of Vacuum Thermoforming

Thermoforming is a process where in plastic sheets are used and they are converted into different products with the help of heating method. In a heated thermoplastic mould, plastic sheets are moulded and thus the sheets take the shape. Now, at the end of the process, the moulded plastic is cooled down and they are cut and polished to give it final finish as per the product requirements. Now, technology advancement has brought in that stage where a new technique named vacuum thermoforming is used to mould the products. To make thermoplastic sheets flexible, vacuum forming method is used. Here, vacuum pressure helps in removing the extra air between the plastic sheet and mould and thus gives the final product a good finish. With the help of this making of plastic products with sharp corners and intricate details is possible.
Vacuum Thermoforming
Vacuum Thermoforming
Following are some of the advantages that you can experience while using Vacuum Thermoforming:
  • When you compare vacuum thermoforming with other tooling processes, you will find that it costs lower and is a more efficient option.
  • The processes other this thermoforming takes more time and in comparison, of that it takes less time.
  • When you talk of manufacturing, then vacuum thermoforming is beneficial to low manufacturing unit.
  • When you talk about any Research and Development and developing a prototype, then Vacuum Thermoforming is one of the most beneficial plastic processing technique.
  • When you talk about the final product that you get from thermoforming then the end result is a product produced with the best quality and precision.
  • One of the most interesting benefits of vacuum thermoforming is that it can be used on any texture or color plastic sheet which gives the multipurpose capability to its user.
  • This process enables the user to produce a wide range of plastic products in varying shape and size.
  • One can easily customize the design and product according to customer demand and thus it makes this process more flexible one than others.
  • Flexibility with the designing tools.

Application of Vacuum Thermoforming:

Now when we talk about the applicability of products made from vacuum thermoforming process, then it is one of the most preferred processes of low manufacturing unit. These products can be used for components made of complexly shaped with the help of plastic sheets. One can also use fabricated material such as fabricated metal sheets for building vacuum. The fabricated material can be perfectly used which requires some welding and finishing. It is one of the most reliable option out there for those companies who seeking economical option.

Following is the list of products that can be manufactured using this method only that too in large scale.
  • Retail
  • Electronics
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Packaging
  • Consumer products
  • Industrial
Following is the list of some of the areas which extensively uses products and components made from vacuum thermoforming.
Vacuum Thermoforming
Vacuum Thermoforming


When we talk about agriculture all we can think of heavy machinery and for that vacuum thermoforming process helps in producing the products such as parts for automobile such as tractor, trucks and some of the parts for some farming machinery.

Automotive and Transport:

Plastic is a material which used in almost all the areas of any industry, it is also used significantly in the transport and automotive industry. The products made from this process can be extensively used for functional and aesthetic.

However, before deciding on the techniques, it is beneficial to see the impact it can have on your product. After all, everything is about increasing the rate of production.