Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Go for A Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy Session

Hypnosis helps you control your mind. If you have been trying to quit smoking but failing repeatedly, you can think about trying hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy is a method in which an individual enters a trance-like state of awareness. In this state, certain instructions or suggestions can be fed to a person’s mind. Upon returning to his normal state of mind, the individual follows the suggestions subconsciously. The fact that smoking is injurious health is common knowledge, yet, countless people are addicted to cigarettes and fail to quit despite sincere attempts. A quit smoking hypnotherapy session can help you increase your willpower and establish post-hypnotic suggestions that can make you control your urges to smoke.
Quit Smoking

Obstacles to Quit Smoking:

Nicotine is highly addictive, and people form a strong mental and physical reliance on it. A quit smoking hypnotherapy session will make you identify and understand the chief obstacles that can prevent you from quitting cigarettes. These are as follows:
Withdrawal: If you stop smoking, you will face withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal involves issues like nausea, sore throat, severe headaches, sluggishness, etc. You can end up being constantly irritable and will fail to concentrate on anything for a certain period. This time is very challenging to deal with and most people return to their addiction as they fail to cope up with the withdrawal symptoms.
Habits and Urges: Smokers usually have specific routines and smoking habits. For example, a person might have the habit of smoking a cigarette just after waking up, or right after having dinner. When you quit smoking, you miss these habits and have strong urges to smoke at different times of the day. If you don’t give in to these urges, you may feel incomplete or highly restless. It takes a lot of willpower to resist these urges and stay on track.
External Factors: If you are under a lot of work pressure or some other kind of stress, you can tend to go back to smoking even after you have decided to quit. This is because cigarettes are a kind of comfort zone for smokers and they relieve stress. So, if you are faced with a crisis or have had a fight with a friend or colleague, you might feel the need to light up a smoke and relax a bit. At times like these, it is very important to resist the temptation and not let your guard down.
A quit smoking hypnotherapy session can help you deal with all the above-mentioned obstacles effectively. It can give you the necessary willpower to fight off your cravings and habits.

How Can Hypnotherapy Help You Quit Smoking?

Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy
In a quit smoking hypnotherapy session, an experienced hypnotist will fast ask you to relax. Then he will slowly take you to a trance-like state of mind. In this altered state of awareness, the hypnotist will give you some suggestions repeatedly, to establish certain thoughts in your brain. Once you wake up, the thoughts suggested will remain embedded in your subconscious mind. For example, a hypnotist can repeatedly state that smoking essentially involves inhaling poison. He can also embed thoughts that highlight that you need to take care of your body and avoid destructive habits. This will ensure that next time you feel like smoking, your subconscious will highlight that cigarettes are poison and can destroy your health. You will be turned off by these thoughts and will be able to resist the urge to smoke.
It can be understood that a quit smoking hypnotherapy session can be highly effective. However, be sure to do adequate research and find a hypnotist who is highly skilled and experienced.