Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Textured Render Finish Is The Best Way To Give Your Home A Makeover

Rendering is nothing but applying the exterior coat to your house. The main reason for rendering your house is to protect the wall from rain and weathers and to make the walls look more attractive using different rendering options. Weather can affect any materials and our normal brick wall is not spared from its wrath. Having a render coating over the surface of walls, the effects of weathering can be controlled and thus you can prolong the period of its preservation. Now, Textured Render Finish is one of the many ways of rendering. It can make your interior, as well as exterior walls, look more attractive and eye pleasing. In earlier times wall rendering was just limited to Exterior walls, but with time and different rendering options available, textured render finish for walls has become new favorites for interior designers across the globe. Render is no more consider as a protective coating and now is considered as one of the trendiest options to design your home or office. Following are some of the reasons which prove that textured render finish is the best for the home makeover.

Attractive Walls:

Textured Render Finish

Rendering in the earlier days was not considered as a designing material. It was mainly used to coat the exterior of the walls for protecting the walls from the effects of weather. But now due to advancement in the techniques in the process of rendering, it has become a fashion and one of the most important medium for an interior designer to showcase their masterpiece in the walls. With textured render finish, the walls become more appealing to the eyes and those looking at it just gets mesmerized by the unique design.

Protection Against Moisture:

There is one common problem with the walls and that is moisture. It doesn’t matter whether the walls are made of wood or bricks, moisture affects both the type in its own way. When we talk about render we are usually taking brick wall into consideration, as rendering is extensively used in brick walls. What a textured render finish does is that it provides a protective layer for an external wall, which acts a shield between wall and moisture. Whenever your brick wall is exposed to a prolonged time, it can get moist and cranky. Especially in monsoon, water penetrates through the brick wall and makes an entry which leads to moisture coming right into our homes. It is always advisable to consult an expert for the moisture inspection in your house before deciding to go for a textured render finish.


Textured Render Finish
It would be wise to prefer rendering rather than the exterior insulation which is costly. Rendering in one way which effectively helps in improving thermal presence of the house. When you go in the market and have some research done on the exterior insulation and rendering, you will observe a clear difference in the costing of both the option. It doesn’t matter if your house is too old, rendering will serve the purpose perfectly without any hiccup and as a result your house will be well insulated with an affordable option.
There are many options out there but, textured render finish gives an altogether different look to your home. It is a durable rendering , out there and thus it saves money. When it comes to looks and appeal, an expert can create a masterpiece by using textured render finish on your house walls. By opting for this option one can make their house walls a head turner to its guest.