Sunday, December 22, 2019

Learn How to install a 6 mp security camera

While all of us understand the need for installing a security camera, particularly at home, but the thought of drilling holes through the walls of our house to install it can be daunting. It is rather calming to think that there are many security systems which come in all-included packages that make setting up easy, and they are called 6 mp security camera.  In the latter case, you will be spared from digging holes in the walls of your home.

6mp security camera

What Purpose They Serve:

Before we launch on the project of setting up a 6mp security camera let’s take a look at what purpose they serve: They will:
  • Be a Crime Deterrent
  •  Increase your sense of security
  • Improve loss prevention
  • Provide real-time monitoring
  • Provide record-keeping
  • Give you evidence records

 How to Go About It:

Before we set up a camera we need to plan out the design. The camera may be connected to any of the following – a video server; a Digital Video Recorder (DVR); Network Video Recorder (NVR); Hybrid Video Recorder. A 6mp security camera is connected to DVRs and NVRs which have become popular due to their reliability.
Our goal when installing a camera is very clear and that is to get the best quality pictures using the installed equipment. This can be achieved by fixing the cameras in the best position possible to get good facial and body shots which can be used in the future if required. The best places at home would be. Outside the home, a 6mp security camera should be fixed in places that people visit for work, entertainment or travel.

 What to Buy:

When planning to install a 6mp security camera ensure you buy the right package to suit your needs. Remember that though you can buy each piece individually, it is wiser to buy a bundled security system. You will need an entire system as buying only a camera is of no use.
Buying a bundled security system is the best option as it is generally cheaper. You can get your camera and the entire systems installed professionally or else do it yourself. When you are choosing a 6mp security camera keep the following things in mind:
  • All cameras are not to be fixed outdoors so choose accordingly.
  • Wireless cameras are easy to install but don’t function satisfactorily when far away from the receiver.
  • Motion-sensing cameras record only when they notice motion.
  • Remote viewing cameras can stream the footage to your phone or your laptop and you can see what’s going on at home from any part of the world.
You will also need a DVR or an NVR to store footage and broadcast them. Once these are all connected and checked, you are at peace.

6mp security camera

What You Need to Ensure:

When installing a 6mp security camera, make sure that you:
  • Choose a high, broad angle for your camera looking down from the corner where the ceiling meets the walls near a power outlet.
  • Make sure you can clearly see all entries and exits.
  • When mounting a camera outside, make sure that you place it above 10ft so that it cannot be knocked down.
  • Adjust the camera angle to suit your requirements.
  • Though some cameras come with adhesive strips but screwing your camera to the wall is a better option. Screw it well as it is the safest way to mount your cameras long-term.
  • Attach your camera to a power source. This is the reason why your camera should be near a power outlet.
  • Fix the cables to the recorder, and you are ready to go.
 Once you have fixed your camera, just begin your recording and make sure that people walking into your home are aware that you have a security system in place. This will obviously keep your home safe.